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From Passion to Observation of the Act and Experience - Now Managing The Creative Process

Posted by De McLemore | in General | on 27 Mar 2013 | at 10:52 PM | 2224 views

Do you sometimes think about when you began enjoying being creative and how that interest flourished into a passion? How observant are you of your childs interest in art? When you reflect I'll bet you remember some profound and thought provoking moments that I wouldn't doubt put a smile on your face. Well, it's nice to reflect on the early stages of the creative process. For me, whether  I understood what had occured within  me at the time  wasn't important. However, reflecting though, I  was different and in more ways than one.

While growing up in Dayton, Ohio as a child I enjoyed drawing, whether creating cartoons or drawing family members and friends as we sat around the dining room table talking and having fun. At the time I did not think of it as having a passion for art, I just knew that it happened naturally and I enjoyed bringing to life an image from a blank sheet of paper such as this drawn in  charcoal thirty years ago. I would become  so focused on the world within the confine of the papers edge. It had to be right, to me.

After highschool, it seemed by instinct that I would be an art major in college. Let me digress for a moment from post childhood. Reflecting back to  as a child, I realized it was exactly that, I had a passion for art! Moving on. I chose the route of commercial art versus fine art. I was intrigued by the thought of educating and influencing the masses. It was then that I was exposed to various art media and disciplines such as charcoal, paints of sorts, conte, photography, graphics, design markers, technical and exploded drawings, type setting, layout and design, and other areas of commercial art and advertising design field. I was fortunate to have been influenced and taught by some of the most talented artists and designers in the Dayton area. Not to mention that my exposure and training  in the creative process was further broadened  through college work study jobs where I received on-the-job experiences  with several of Dayton area major employers. 

It was after undergrad school and during my professional work experience that my  focus took a turn to observing others  during their involvement in the creative process. Over  a twenty-five year period  of observing individuals, techniques, actions and reactions, and managing the vehicle that allowed artistic expression  was most rewarding for me. I say this due to self assessment and applying what I had learned personally about the creative process, to seeing how other experienced and seasoned artists and designers approached the creative process  and  influenced their  active and/or passive participants,  to my observation of the participant  during their experimentation and  observation of the creative process.  The outcome of finished artwork or form of self expression would never be an exact duplicate comparing  an individual to the next.   

I have seen many who had initially claimed that they could not draw a stick figure and some of those same individuals having gone on to teach art. Some people naturally are talented artistically. What sparked an interest in the creative process with you or did you naturally feel the need to be expressive artistically? Whether your child or other children, what profoundly rest in your mind about them during their creative experiences and growth.

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