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"Through artistic and cultural resources we will engage you in the creative process while strengthening the character of your person and build confidence with those in the community that you serve."      

DeEarnest  McLemore, CEO                                                                                                                                                                                   

a.r.i.s.e. is an arts education and cultural enrichment tool with a focus on the delivery of classes, workshops, lectures, after-school programs, art camps, artist-in-residence, curriculum and conference design and implementation, video production, artwork creation and other related opportunities.

Our  services  are geared to both young people and adults,  to groups of various backgrounds, size,  and ages ranging from pre-k through young adult, to the corporate community, to underserved populations such as at-risk, mentally and physically challenged, and to senior citizens.

a.r.i.s.e.  has a threefold purpose.

First,  we engage participants in the creative process. We expose and educate them in various arts, career options,  and cultural disciplines. These are taught by experienced professionals, artisans and fine craftsmen in their field of expertise. 

Second and most importantly, we enrich the lives of participants and help build stronger communities. Through a.r.i.s.e. participants enhance thinking and focus, improve problem solving skills, build character, improve teambuilding, self confidence and social skills, sharpen academics such as math and science, and strengthen other quality of life enhancers. 

Third, participants have fun engaging in the creative process while fulfilling who they truly are, make unique one-of-a-kind artwork, and combine expression with technical tools of the trade. Disciplines taught include drawing, cartooning, video and fim  production, music production, computer art and animation, graphic design,  creativity, painting, photography, airbrush, pottery, jewelry making, dance, theater, technical theater (lighting & sound), and other areas of the creative process.


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