Our Services

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Services offered by a.r.i.s.e. include:

Arts Education  We create programs to accommodate an organizations needs whether short term: one day or a week, to long term: several weeks, months, or ongoing.  This effort can be achieved in:

  • Classes
  • Conferences
  • Workshops
  • Lectures
  • After-school Programs
  • Artists-in-residence
  • Camps
  • Curriculum Design
  • Site Visits

Cultural Enrichment  Self expression is important!  We assist in showcasing the effort of those participating in the services we offer.  We highlight their efforts with:

  • Exhibitions
  • Artwork Creation
  • Performances, Art and Film  Festivals

The Corporate Community and Organizations    Bring in a creativity workshop or an art activity to help the staff get those outside of the box thinking and problem solving juices flowing. Enjoy being creative while learning and building as a team.

Whether you are a charter school, early childhood center, public or private institution, recreation department, cultural organization, church, government entity, corporation, non-profit, hospital, assisted living and senior citizen centers,  library or an organization that desires to enhance the lives and ability of those you serve, let us assist you in that aim.

a.r.i.s.e. is an ideal service that is mobile and easily adaptable to any site. Whether it is a school classroom, multipurpose room, recreation center, boardroom, conference room,  outdoor park setting, family room, or back yard of a home, we will work with you  to transform your site into an environment that encourages creativity, learning and fun. 

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